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design questionnaire

To enable the design process, please complete the below design questionnaire. This will allow us to fully understand your needs, wants, likes and dislikes for each of the rooms within the project. Please complete one form per room.

What is the total investment for this room? Keep in mind, your budget number should include the total cost of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes that you would like us to recommend. This will help us to determine which suppliers to source from.


Select an option

If more than £30k, please specify below; 

design goals

In a brief statement, tell us your main goals for the design of the space.

design style

How would you describe your design style, or the desired design style for the space? In other words, what aesthetic (look) or vibe are you going for?


Tell us how you use the space and/or any special requirements you have for the space.

sources you love

Please tell us if there are any shops/stores you absolutely love for furniture and decor and we'll be sure to start there first!

items to remain

Do you have any furniture pieces or items that you want to remain in the new design of this room? If so, tell us about them above, and then please send photos, dimensions, etc. of these pieces as follow-up to this questionnaire.

design dislikes

Be sure to tell us if you have any major dislikes that you don't want to see in the design of your space plus, if there are any existing features within the room that you would like to change.

anything else?

Is there anything else we should know about you or your project or your space(s)? If so, please tell us more!

file upload

Upload File

Here you can upload photographs of your room or items to remain. Please label your images with your name.

Thank you for submitting!

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